Pipes & Energy

The international oil & gas market, when it flows into logistical activities, is a highly complex mixture of national and international regulations in the areas of occupational safety, transport law, insurance law and production technology.

This mixture is enriched by different languages, cultural differences and approaches

At Mund+Bruns, in close cooperation with our clients we create customized concepts to meet these complex requirements within their international logistical delivery obligations.

It does not matter if these concepts are about:

  • highly sophisticated technical inspections
  • creation of regulations, method statements and procedures
  • interchange inspections
  • tender consultancy
  • project management support
  • customized inspections, audits or surveys
  • assessment of damage
  • coating repair services
  • technical testing and monitoring services

Mund+Bruns is providing certified, qualified and educated marine and cargo surveyors, pipe inspectors and coating inspectors.

We furthermore do provide all necessary state of the art and certified equipment for all quality inspection and repair activities such as coating thickness gauges, hand held extruders, pipe rotators, holiday test devices as well as appertaining educated staff.